Metropolitan Police Online Crime / Incident Reporting

Welcome to non-emergency crime and hate crime / incident reporting

This form is only to be used for incidents in the Greater London area
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In an emergency always dial 999

When to use this service

You can use this service to notify the Metropolitan Police of the following crimes / incidents committed within the Greater London Authority area.

  • Theft - excluding:
    • Robbery (where you or the person you are reporting for was subjected to violence or the threat of violence.
    • Burglary (a building has been broken into).
    • Theft of, or from a motor vehicle.
  • Criminal damage (excluding damage to a Motor Vehicle)
  • Hate crimes and hate incidents

For any other type of non-emergency crime / incident you can contact us on the 101 non-emergency telephone number, or alternatively visit a Front Counter. Details of Front Counter opening hours and locations can be found on the borough pages.

If you would like to remain anonymous please pass information about crime to Crimestoppers, the independent crime-fighting charity.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you provide full details of how we can contact you. Especially important is a contact telephone number and a time when you will be on that number. An investigator will contact you to discuss the contents of this report to update the investigation.

When not to use this service

  • The police service is ready to help you, with trained call operators available 24 hours a day. It is important that you do not use this service to report any other crime / incident or if the crime / incident is serious (i.e involves vulnerable, elderly or young victims or it is of a violent or sexual nature)
  • The crime / incident is happening now
  • The offender is still there or nearby
  • Someone saw the crime / incident being committed
  • Evidence has been left at the scene
  • The incident is a road traffic collision (accident) ( Please visit our road traffic pages for further information )
  • If you are reporting a scam, con trick, e-crime or fraud please visit Action Fraud and use their online reporting tool.

Notes to user

  • Once your report is submitted it will be forwarded to the police station covering the location of the crime / incident and you will receive a unique online report reference number.
  • Please check your answers before you submit, once you have sent the form you will not be able to go back and change any of your answers. Alternatively you may wish to print a copy of the form for your records.
  • The Online Crime / Incident Reporting service requires cookies to be enabled in your browser
  • Personal information (such as name and address) submitted to this website will only be used for policing purposes. This complies with the Data Protection Act 1998, details of which can be found at
  • If you are reporting the theft of a mobile phone, you will need to have your IMEI number to hand.

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